Week in Review: Bucked off

Is anyone else impressed that I managed to put up 5 posts this week (counting this one, 6). I am. Totally. But let’s not draw too much attention to it because I might get spooked and duck back in my hole.

This week we covered:

  1. My wading back into blogging
  2. My acceptance of the 6-week Nerd Fitness challenge
  3. Practicing self-affirmations for motivation and success
  4. Moving back in with folks and trying to find my mojo
  5. Survival… one of the key reasons I want to be fit

Those posts were all banged out and scheduled for publication on Tuesday… I was on a roll. Wednesday dawned and I woke up a raging beast. Moody, gloomy, and riding a broom(y). And that continued through the week. It may still be present. I think I’m coming out of the… haze (?) and now I’m recalling that I was supposed to be doing self-affirmations, going full-on Primal, and exercising.

Well shit. Botched that.

The whole time I was in that mind set all I wanted to do was stay curled in bed and read a book. And I wanted everyone to frack off and leave me alone. Generally, I wasn’t fit for human consumption. But duty called, a paycheck demanded earning, and general pleasantries needed to be observed with the folks. So I kept a low profile and sought as little human contact as possible. Which as an introvert, was totally needed.

So I’m going to refer to the last part of the week as being bucked off. I was completely thrown mentally, emotionally, rationally from any of the awesomeness I was starting to cultivate. And I’m aware of too things:

  1. I must get back in the saddle
  2. I need to figure out how not to be so totally thrown… where did I go wrong OR what spooked the horse?

Things to explore in the coming weeks. I also need to figure out how to get off sugar and what the heck I did to my back (it also started hurting Wednesday) or more so how to rehabilitate it quickly so I can get to lifting heavy things.

With that, I’ll leave you with some funny pictures of house guests meeting each other for the first time…

My parents live in the country and have  no shortage of mice. This one has been very sneaky and survived a few close calls with my folks cats. He’s got the kitchen figured out.

This is my part main-coon Gizmo seeing her first mouse ever. She was tense and trembling and doing the funny cat squeak they do when they see something they want to hunt. The mouse would move back and forth between the front burners taunting Giz. So funny. I got up to move some pans out of the way so my cat had more room to pounce  but that killed the moment. So the mouse is still around taunting and Gizmo is regularly on watch… waiting.


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