Bad Diet?

So last week a friend recounted a discussion she was having with a mutual coworker. A separate coworker had just had her appendix removed the week prior and my friend and my coworker were chatting about other useless stuff in our bodies.

Coworker: Wouldn’t it be nice to know what useless stuff we could remove from our bodies to drop weight?
Friend: Yeah! And especially to know the weight of each thing and target the heaviest in order to drop the most weight!
Coworker: lasdkjfojkjdalfkjdofjoijdf (all I heard of this part of the retelling was the teacher from Charlie Brown “whaa wha wha whaaa wa wa wa wa wah… Me. Easily distracted folks.)

At this point let me interrupt and mention that we work in a cubicle environment so this conversation is by no means private. Let me also add we have a lot of smart alec’s on staff.

Friend: What could I remove that would help me drop the most weight?
Smart Alec Coworkers Piping Up From Behind His Fabric Wall And Using a Very Wry Tone:

Your refrigerator?

I laughed HYSTERICALLY thinking “well done smart ass.” My friend was laughing too but also wanted to maim said smart ass. But she had to admit it was too fitting and timed perfectly. We appreciate some good smart alec quips.

Anyway, I share this because it reminds me of the saying “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” If you’re a health and fitness nut you’ve likely heard it said that diet is around 80-90% of the battle. Training is only a small fraction of the equation.

I think there’s different buy in for everyone, food may only be 50% of the equation for some (lucky bastards), but still, food matters. The better nutrition we give our bodies, the better it will take care of us.

This is a lesson I’m still learning.

And now I have the lazy teenager in me insisting that I shouldn’t train until I have my diet figured out. WRONG. Go pop a zit or something unwelcome annoyance.

So what am I going to do today to better care for my body? Is food a problem for you too? Do you have a zit covered, lazy teenager vedging in you?


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