Absense (is that spelled right?)

Nope. It’s not spelled right. Oh well. So…

Woh… I blink and suddenly a week is gone.

Okay, so maybe it was more than a blink but… you know, life happens. Last weekend I went and visited the honey and we went over to one of his friends house to watch Wrestlemania Sunday night… no I was not there under duress. I went of my own volition into a houseful of Cena fans while me, the honey, and another friend we drug along were rooting for The Rock.

So now you know one of my more embarrassing interests. LOVE WWE. Yes, I know it’s scripted and made to look more violent than it actually is. I like it anyway. And some of that stuff you can’t fake. There are some amazing skills among these athletes – they’re totally athletes – and they put their bodies through the ringer to entertain people.

The first match of the night was between Shaemus, the human jar of mayonnaise, and some vegan dude that got all sentimental with his girlfriend AFTER the bell rang. The idiot. KO’d in the first 18 seconds. I don’t really remember the next few matches (forgettable) but the Undertaker match was EPIC. The end of an era kind of EPIC.

The chair crashing across the undertakers back in that photo? It’s really crashing across his back. Both men’s back’s were bruised by the end of the match and there was blood seeping from some head wounds. It was a GREAT match and saved this Wrestlemania broadcast because the main event sucked balls.

The main event. John Cena vs The Rock. This match was embarrassing to watch. What Cena and Rock are doing in this photo… that’s what they spent half the match doing. Hug it out! Hold me man!

Even though I don’t like the dude, I KNOW Cena can wrestle better than that so 1) either they were pussy-footing it for The Rock or 2) they decided to phone it in since the Undertaker match was insurmountable.

Either way. Douchebags! They should have put on a good show for the fans. A YEAR of hype and no satisfaction. They dialed it in for 20 minutes and then out of nowhere the Rock pins Cena and it’s over. If you’d blinked you’d have missed it. I wish I had missed the whole 20 minutes. I couldn’t even be stoked about the Rock winning because it was such a lame match. So I resent them for ruining my opportunity to gloat and I really hope they got their asses chewed.

So anyway… I’ve been recuperating from a long weekend and time on the road. I’ve been fighting a cold and it just sorta wiped me out for a couple of days. Am back now and will keep plugging along with the posting.


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