Thunder and Other Randomness

It was a beautiful, albeit WINDY, day in the midwest. The sun was shining and there was a slight chill in the air, but the temperature is comfortable for capri’s and a t-shirt and NO coat. LOVE this kind of weather. It’s closing in on 8pm right now and the sky is clouding over a bit and a heard a rumble of thunder off in the distance.

I. LOVE. THUNDER. It’s tickles me, nay, fondles me, in my happy places. One of my secret fantasies, which henceforth will not be so secret, is to be making wild passionate love in the midst of a raging thunder storm. There’s just something about the smell of rain, the drumming downpours, the electrically charged air, and the roar of thunder that reaches inside and unleashes a wildness that doesn’t get much face time. And it makes me want to ROAR. So yes… impending thunderstorm has me revved.

In other news the day of my health screening came and went. I also went and the report was horrible. I didn’t drop the 10lbs I was hoping for but I did drop about 4. That brings my total loss since Christmastime to 12lbs. Which kinda rocks. At least the scale is moving in the right direction. At the health screening my cholesterol was good but my HDL dropped from 84, a record high a little over a year ago, down to 54. Last year when I had my health screening I was in the midst of a 3-month stint of Paleo awesomeness, so my HDL was jaw-droppingly-awesome. Bummed that it has dropped off but at least it’s not down to the sub-40 levels it was a few years ago. With a bit of discipline and hopping back on the Paleo rocket I’ll have that much improved in no time.

The only thing of concern, other than the weight issue was a pulse of 92 and a slightly elevated blood pressure of 139/69. They were concerned with the top number with last year would have been just fine. See, they’ve moved the parameters of what is good, moderate risk, and high risk. Hate when they do that. Essentially, my heart is having to work awfully hard to move the blood through my body. Which, let’s be honest, that’s not unexpected.

I was totally dreading the health screening but the results were better than worst-case-scenario. There’s definitely room for improvement and I’m motivated by the new visual I have of my heart having to work harder. I don’t know why that never clicked for me previously, but I’m onto it this time and want to take care of myself.


So in the interest of taking care of myself, I drug my butt outside after work today and did about 15 minutes of interval training (including warm-up and cool-down). I dusted off a kettlebell and practiced the swing with what I hope was very proper form. I’ll know for sure tomorrow when the state of my back can be better noted, but I really worked to keep my shoulders/upper back from arching to far backwards. I went through a kettlebell instruction about 8 months ago to figure out what I was doing wrong… every single time my lower back/hips would be screaming in pain the next day. And the trainer corrected this one little thing of me arching to far back and I think that did the trick. Of course, this is the first time I’ve really given it a shot since then. So, fingers crossed!

Other exciting (or not so) news:

  • I get to transfer with my job to a metropolitan area and escape the black hole I’ve been trapped in for the past 12 years. Hallelujah!!! Will hopefully be moving mid-summer. So excited about all the extracurricular opportunities that will open up to me. Will pursue archery, kettlebell training, maybe some woodworking classes, maybe some graphic design courses or cooking classes… endless opportunities! Color me STOKED!
  • Lego’s. I have rediscovered my love of LEGO’S! I was babysitting my niece and nephew and pulled out my old, huge, box of lego’s and helped my nephew build a medieval castle I’d gotten when I was about 10. Okay, really, it was more, me building, and him telling me to hurry up (4-yr olds… eeesh!)… but I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I spend all day Saturday sorting through the blocks and finding stray pieces I needed for the castle. And then I spent Sunday morning ordering missing pieces I needed for the castle to be finished correctly. And I also dug up instruction online for other sets I had at one time. Will be collecting lego’s again. 🙂
  • My boyfriend is giving me the silent treatment. It’s been like 5 days of me texting something to him everyday and him mostly ignoring it. We did converse briefly on Saturday with him telling me he’s suddenly super popular and everyone wants a piece of him and then again on Sunday with me informing him that Lego has done DC Comic sets. But other than that… SILENCE. And it’s especially frustrating because I’ve been telling him, “hey, I’ll be moving to your town this summer” – something he’s been harassing me about for 12 months – and he hasn’t acknowledged it or said ANYTHING about it even once. What the hell? Are these signs he wants out of the relationship? If I go radio silent on him for a couple days, he practically flips out… okay exaggeration… he calls me on it and requests that I make more of an effort to be communicative. So I don’t know what to think. Is this the blow off? It’s starting to piss me off but I don’t want to be one of those girls who demands attention every day. And I don’t want to monitor him. I’d just like to be included in the goings on of his life, ya know?  If he’s busy, cool, but could he spare me 2 minutes and tell me what’s keeping him so busy. Is that too much to ask? I was near tears over this when I got home tonight but exercising really helped mellow me out. I’ve decided not to text him until he makes some indication of having something to say to me. It kind of feels like playing games, but at the same time, I’m not going to continue “chasing?” him.
  • I JUST FINISHED WRITING MY LAST CHECK FOR MY FINANCIAL FUCK-UP!! I’m am free of that noose! Booyah!!! Bankruptcy sucks balls… avoid if you can. It is seriously awesome to be done with it. I’m not quite celebrating crazy yet because it feels too good to be true but I’m tentatively ecstatic. Next step… pay off the bit of debt I’ve accumulated.

Let’s see, I think that catches us up. Oh… totally blew off the nerd fitness challenge. I think that makes about 5 challenges that I’ve started and fizzled on with this blog… possibly more. So I’m thinking challenges aren’t my thing.

But here are a couple goals…

  • Paleo… cut the sugar, grains, and go easy on the dairy.
  • Exercise… 2-3 exercise periods a week.
  • Save… gotta save up a deposit for a new place in the metro and to replace my tires and to fix the ABS on my car.
  • Ultimately… just DO. I like to read and plan and somehow never pull the trigger on things. Must DO.

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