Dear Pepsi Co…

1 litre Aquafina bottle with the "chugger" or wide-mouth lid. LOVE. MISS YOU!

I’ve been a long-time drinker of Aquafina water… since my college day sin the 90’s. But not just any Aquafina water. My choice over any other option was Aquafina in the 1 liter bottle with the wide-mouth opening. I will henceforth refer to the wide-mouth on the Aquafina bottle as the “CHUGGER.”


I don’t know why, exactly, but I love the chugger. Maybe because I can chug the water so much more easily than every other stupid bottle with it’s dainty little sipper-mouth. For some reason, with those little mouths, I always end up dribbling water when I try to chug.

Yes, I’m odd. But back to the point…

Within the last 2 months I’ve noticed that Aquafina bottles in my region are no longer using the chugger.

WTF Pepsi Co?!?!?!

… you do realize that you’ve just taken away the ONLY thing that distinguished your water from any other bottled water out there, right? You’ve completely alienated me and my money. The chugger was the ONLY Pepsi product I ever purchased and now you’ve discarded the only lifeline you had to my wallet.

Ice Mountain, with their relatively new flip-cap, has become my bottled water of choice now that Aquafina has done away with the chugger.

Now? I’m an Ice Mountain girl. Granted, I have to buy 20 oz bottle to get their cool flip-cap, but the unique cap makes it easy to chug even though it’s a dainty mouthed bottle. Loving that feature now that I don’t have a choice about Aquafina.

Way to go Pepsi Co… I’m sure Ice Mountain and their flip-top lid thank you profusely.


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