Awww, yeah! I’ve inched another year closer to middle-age! Some people are bothered by age but I had my age meltdown when I was 17 and freaking out over almost being an adult. I haven’t freaked since and I’m hoping I won’t be having a meltdown at 40. Because that would totally ruin my superiority complex over not being bothered by aging. I have zero shame in admitting my age… though I won’t admit it on here because it feels like giving away too much personal detail. You already know my birthday is April 29. I’d hate for you to figure out the year and suddenly have the password to a crapload of healthcare and work-related sites that always use that stuff as passwords.

Like you really care. But as a precaution, we’ll just say I haven’t hit 35 yet. And NO, 35 is not middle-aged. Based on the women in my family, 50 is about middle-aged. I’m going to be a centarian! (autocorrect wants me to change that word to centurion… that’s a roman soldier isn’t it… cool).

So based on all the above nonsense… I’m stoked it’s my birthday. I’d like to start the practice of having birthday weeks and celebrating all week (and really that already kind of happens in order to get together with friends). Eventually it’s going to be a birthday month. Oh yeah. Presents and tasty food all month long! What’s not to love?

So I feel compelled to reflect briefly on life since it is the turning of another year. Around the new year I found an inspirational image on Pinterest that said “2011 is the last year I’m going to be fat. Really.” And I thought, yeah, definitely making this happen. And I’m making some gains towards that but it’s been slow going.

So I’m reworking it a little bit:

2011. The last 300+ year of my life. This is a fact and a promise.

I’ve got about 40-45 lbs to drop in the next 8 months. Totally doable. Now to just get my ass in gear.

There was indulgence today this past week since it’s my birthday. Tomorrow? Back on the no sugar kick.

April 30 – May 6

  • No sugar! 2 squares of dark chocolate allowed per day if struggling – consider it a lifeline if REALLY desperate.
  • Ease up significantly on the grain products.
  • 2 kettlebell workouts.
  • 1 walk around the neighborhood (good chance to bond with my mom).

Gonna rule this week!

Hope you rule your week too!


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