Pick Up My Mat started out as a diet/diet industry rant  blog with a little spiritual insight (?) thrown in on occasion. But the site is evolving a little bit, becoming perhaps a bit more focused.

I’ve been reintroduced to the idea of a high protein, low carb diet, this time packaged as a Paleo/Primal diet. Basically, a diet consumed by our nomadic, caveman ancestors. They hunted, they gathered, their days revolved around these activities.

So I’m off on a primal quest of my own and this blog will follow along. 

Where does the name “Pick Up My Mat” come from?

In the AA Big Book there is a paragraph talking about the outcome of working a 12 step program. Basically, a person learns how to “pick up their mat and walk again.”

This blog is about me doing just that, picking up my mat, and learning to walk again. Somewhere in life, I fell down and have not been able to pick myself up. So this is me rolling up my mat and taking that first step.


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