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30/30 Rule

The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris

A little over a year ago a book called The 4-Hour Body came out with the premise that you can get the body you want in 4 hours a week. It’s a fascinating read. Recommend. Earlier this year I also caught a Dr. Oz episode where the author, Tim Ferris was a guest talking about some of his top tips for boosting your metabolism.

There were several tips in the book also and I’ve decided it’s time to give a few of these a try. I’m going to start with the 30/30/ Rule (technically already have).

The 30/30 Rule is to eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking. I’ve opted to attempt this using an organic whey from grass-fed pampered cows. It’s plain and I’m just mixing it with water and chugging.

I have mixed feelings about doing this with a protein shake instead of real food. This is day 3 and I’ve been noticing that breakfast isn’t staying with me as long as it did (that would be 2nd breakfast with meat and egg on a fast food bun that isn’t staying with me… yeah, something I’m working on). I’m usually ravenous by 11am.

Robb Wolf,¬†mastermind behind the Paleo Solution, frequently bags on protein shakes because ¬†of the potential insulin spike… which I suspect is happening to me (the insulin spikes, not Robb Wolf bagging… that last part doesn’t even make much sense but I’m going to leave it there anyway). Time to break out the glucometer.

Either way I’ll use up one can of this protein stuff (15 day supply) and assess if the 30/30 Rule is helping at all. If yes, I’ll seriously entertain the idea of waking earlier to make breakfast. If no, I’ll still probably wake up earlier for breakfast and do a 15 day trial of a real food 30/30.

So now I’m wondering why I’m not just getting up earlier now anyway to enjoy a real food breakfast.

Do you eat real food for breakfast? What are you metabolism boosting go-to tips? Do you think Dr. Oz is an alien?